I hope everyone is enjoying their week 1 menuplan.

Week 2 is now up and ready for download to those on a weekly, 3 month, or annual membership.

Pizza day is on Friday, so hang tight as later today I’ll be posting a video on how to make a simple homemade pizza crust in 10 minutes!

Feel free to comment on any questions or thoughts you’d like to share.

  1. Email me if you’re having any problems
  2. Share your initial thoughts or questions about this weeks menu plan
  3. Ask if you need substitution ideas
  4. Ask if you need budget ideas
  5. Any other comments you’d like to share on the menu
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20 Responses to Week 2 Thoughts

  1. Karen Zenti says:

    Love that we’re making chicken stock! I actually used the potato/carrot peels and celery leaves from Week 1 Monday’s dinner to make veggie stock (all the stuff you would normally throw away). Just added water to barely cover the scraps, 1/2 onion, salt, pepper and 2 T. olive oil. Now that I’m a SAHM I’m able to let it simmer on the stove all day. Put it in mason jars while hot – they self-sealed. Labeled them and put them in the fridge – might freeze in bags later, not sure yet.

  2. Karen Zenti says:

    Forgot to mention – I discarded the scraps and strained the stock – don’t want the floaties in there!

  3. Morgan Conner says:

    How thick are your pork chops? I had mine done thick-1 inch. Just curious if I will need to adjust the cooking time much…

    • Diana Bauman says:

      Morgan, mine were an inch thick as well. Just make sure that your internal temp is at a minimum of 145F. I like to go up to 155 – 160.

      • Morgan Conner says:

        Oh good! I have been afraid to cook them stove top bc I thought it would take forever for them to get done. I need a little more direction though on pan searing and how long it should take-how high of heat (I think searing is pretty high heat right?) and about how long-10 min per side or more like 20 min? Sorry about all the questions-I really do know how to cook but I like specific details. I guess I am not a confident cook :)

        • Diana Bauman says:

          No problem, Morgan. I have my heat on about medium high. A bit of oil and I sear them about 10 minutes per side. I do turn them on all sides as well, the sides, the top, and on the bone side, about 4 minutes on those… just to make sure it gets cooked through. Let me know if you have any other questions 😀

  4. Amy Johnson says:

    Hi Diana. I’m enjoying the menus & recipes. I had a little trouble with the homemade buns yesterday…my fault for talking on the phone when I was measuring the flour! We did eat them for dinner, but the rest are being turned into bread crumbs. :) I have one request, maybe more of a wish list item…any chance you could add how much time it takes (approximately) to make the recipes including prep & cook time? I seem to be spending more time than I’m allowing. It’s not a big deal but it would be helpful. Thanks so much for everything!


    • Diana Bauman says:

      Of course, Amy! That’s a good idea. I’ll make sure to do that starting with Week 3.

      • Amy Johnson says:

        Thanks Diana. By the way, last night’s enchiladas were amazing! My husband and I both loved them.

        • Diana Bauman says:

          I’m glad to hear it, Amy!

        • Karen Zenti says:

          YES! Those enchiladas are the bomb! I’ve always enjoyed them at Mexican restaurants (love the white sauce) and am SO excited I can make them now. I doubled the recipe because we’re a family of 7 so we had some leftovers. Had them for lunch yesterday and today too! Just loving this entire first week and looking forward to next week.

          • Diana Bauman says:

            I’m glad to hear that, Karen! If you liked those enchiladas, wait until we get to some with meat! Ay.. ya yay!! Delicioso!

  5. Shari Montgomery says:

    I agree – loved the enchiladas!!

  6. Karen Zenti says:

    I think we’re missing water in the chicken stock recipe….LOL!

  7. Katie Schleif says:

    My family is loving the recipes, I really was unsure how they would take the leftover bean soup for enchilada’s but they were wonderful and we ate them all!

  8. Lisa Cumings says:

    I had a house full of men and boy did they LOVE the sloppy joes!!!

    Thanks Diana

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